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While you can take care of the non-upholstered furniture yourself, we highly recommend you to hire our professional trained technicians for your upholstered items. Our professionals will do the best possible for any type of fabric, while leaving them clean, fresh, and allergen-free. There is no method nor equipment out there which is more effective than the ones we use.

For upholstered furniture, we use four different types of cleaning methods: foam, dry, cold water, and how water extraction (also known as steam cleaning). The preferred method is the hot water extraction service which injects hot water, steam and chemicals into the fabric of your upholstery item, and then it immediately extracts it along with the dirt, residues and allergens from its fibres.

This leaves the best results possible, and it the latest technique available on the market today. Depending on the fabric which your items are upholstered in, we may decide on the day of your booking which technique to use. Regardless of the method used, the result will be a thoroughly, professionally cleaned upholstery for you to use.

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How Do We Clean Upholstery?

There are four methods to clean upholstered items: foam, dry, with cold water extraction, or with hot water extraction (this is also known as steam cleaning).

The type of fabric your item is upholstered in, its age, soiling condition, and the last date when it has been professionally cleaned will determine the most suitable cleaning method to employ. Thorough hoovering the fabric is a mandatory step: we use a high pressure hoover fitted on our machines which will get rid of loose dirt and dust from the fabric of your upholstery.

If the fabric is dry clean only, we use foam or a dry compound on it, we then agitate it to make sure it get ingrained into the fibres, and then we hoover it back along with the dirt which gets attracted into it. If the fabric is cleanable with water, we use large, industrial machines to inject water along with chemicals into the fibres of the upholstery item.

If the fabric is wool or linen, we will use Woolsafe-approved chemicals and water at up to 30 degrees Celsius; if, however, the fabric is synthetic or cotton, we will use hot water and steam along with different types of chemicals for different types of fabrics. So the fabric of your upholstery will ultimately determine the cleaning method, chemicals, machines and techniques to use.

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