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Thank you Chris for a well done job would recommend the firm to anybody!

Wayne Ellis

Awesome , very good cleaning and good price recommend!

Tony Crookes

I had all my carpets cleaned prior to Christmas. What a fantastic job first choice carpet cleaning did & at a very reasonable price! Highly recommend

Karen Yardley

These ppl are awesome very polite and professional my carpets looked great!! Better than Stanley steamer I'd definitely refer this service to anyone! And I'd definitely use them again!!

Shelby Casey

Thank you so much Chris what a fantastic job you have done I would highly recommend your business.

Best get him booked peeps get your carpets transformed and cleaned for Christmas

Lynda Hargill

Just had my living room carpet cleaned... Looks brand new, smells so fresh & was super quick cleaning! Highly recommend! Was going to buy a new carpet, it's saved me a few hundred! Thanks again!!


Phllippa Wassell

I've just had my Lounge carpet cleaned as it has acumulated afew stains over the last 2 years and I can't discribe how happy I am with the results and service!

I'm more than impressed and couldn't be happier! I was very suprised how quick it took and my carpet looks new again... 100% recommend First Choice Carpet Cleaning!!

Kirsty Coburn

Had all carpets cleaned today and they look great Thanks Chris for your hard work Can highly recommend to all.

Dawn Reed

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