How To Drive

How To Drive is the personal brand of Ben Collins - the man who was 'The Stig' on Top Gear. Ben Collins approached 6B looking for help with his website design and development on the run-up to the launch of his new book 'How To Drive'.

It was important to Ben that the website was informative and professional but also unique. The website needed to add value to readers of the new book as well as be the base for Ben's new personal brand and online identity.


Increasing brand awareness

Our primary goal was to establish Ben's personal brand and raise product awareness for the book launch. We designed the website to promote exciting new content and to bring Ben's knowledge and expertise to the fore. We added a social wall to stream all the latest activity, created animated illustrations and built an innovative link to purchase to help consumers get their hands on Ben's book.

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From Top Gear to top of Google

On the run-up to launching the website we researched other personal brands in automotive and worked to introduce How To Drive as the go to website for driving knowledge. Following launch of the book, we’ve continued to work with Ben on website SEO, content and digital illustrations and animations to add more depth to the website.


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